These resources were created and used in ministry.  They are free for your use with your group, but cannot be sold.


Crisis Issues such as anger and suicide.  Printable materials can be downloaded.

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We have resources available for purchase.  Covering youth ministry, missions, and general topics.


Recovering from Life's Wounds

A healed wound is just a scar with a story.  Our heart wounds can also be healed and become a story instead of a life-ending injury.   Learn when to ask for help and what you can do yourself.  About 40 minutes long.    

Workbook available for download .

Suicide the Friend Stealer

Suicide is a big problem with youth and adults.  Mark helps people be able to talk about how they're feeling and for friends to be able to help create a safety net for those people that are at risk.  He has done variations of this talk worldwide, in schools, churches, jails, psych wards, and community-wide meetings. 

Workbook available for download.

Real Change

 Real change happens on the inside, not the outside.  See how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit help make change happen.   There is a 5-page document you can download that goes along with this video.

Dealing with the Anger Within

Mark has presented this program worldwide in schools, churches, jails, psych wards, and community programs.  Utilizing an anger action scale, it gives tools and skills for youth and adults to see where they are in anger maturity and how to take steps towards dealing with the anger that we all face.    

The workbook can be downloaded.